Boron Chemicals in Drug Discovery and Development: Synthesis and Medicinal Perspective.

TitleBoron Chemicals in Drug Discovery and Development: Synthesis and Medicinal Perspective.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2022
AuthorsDas, BC, Nandwana, NK, Das, S, Nandwana, V, Shareef, MAdil, Das, Y, Saito, M, Weiss, LM, Almaguel, F, Hosmane, NS, Evans, T
Date Published2022 Apr 19

A standard goal of medicinal chemists has been to discover efficient and potent drug candidates with specific enzyme-inhibitor abilities. In this regard, boron-based bioactive compounds have provided amphiphilic properties to facilitate interaction with protein targets. Indeed, the spectrum of boron-based entities as drug candidates against many diseases has grown tremendously since the first clinically tested boron-based drug, Velcade. In this review, we collectively represent the current boron-containing drug candidates, boron-containing retinoids, benzoxaboroles, aminoboronic acid, carboranes, and BODIPY, for the treatment of different human diseases.In addition, we also describe the synthesis, key structure-activity relationship, and associated biological activities, such as antimicrobial, antituberculosis, antitumor, antiparasitic, antiprotozoal, anti-inflammatory, antifolate, antidepressant, antiallergic, anesthetic, and anti-Alzheimer's agents, as well as proteasome and lipogenic inhibitors. This compilation could be very useful in the exploration of novel boron-derived compounds against different diseases, with promising efficacy and lesser side effects.

Alternate JournalMolecules
PubMed ID35565972
Grant ListR01AI132614-01A1, R21 AA027374-01, 1R01NS109423-01A1 / NH / NIH HHS / United States